Ready to Buy LLC

Ready to Buy LLC  is a US company that developed and owns the premium Zorbies men’s incontinence underwear brand. Ready to Buy also operates the e-commerce websites and 

The Zorbies Brand

Zorbies Incontinence Underwear  is a new breed of high quality men’s incontinence underwear. It’s washable, reusable, and looks, feels and wears like regular underwear. Offering superior protection, quality and comfort, Zorbies outpaces other products in the category. Zorbies currently has two men’s product lines, ZorbWear and PocketWear. 

ZorbWear has protection built directly into the underwear so gives an integrated, all-in-one option. PocketWear is designed for people who use disposable pads. It has a 2-layer pocket to hold a pad securely in place. The pocket layer under the pad is waterproof to give extra protection against leaks through to clothing. Both products are made out of specialized soft, high-performing, breathable fabrics. This gives them a very comfortable and reliable fit. For more information about Zorbies visit About Zorbies.

Ready to Buy LLC and Zorbies is owned and operated by Ready to Buy, LLC. Ready to Buy, LLC is incorporated in the US State of Delaware. Ready to Buy, LLC • 3 Grant Square, #130 • Hinsdale • IL • 60521.